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Art has always been my passion from childhood. After college, organization became a necessity for my sanity. Design is only the natural combination of these two.

I started out my career as a graphic designer and currently I work full-time as a digital marketer. Even though designing is not my main job anymore, it's still a major supplement to my career.

I am a major movie buff and history documentary fan. Sci-fi and fantasy novels are my go-to for reading, but I'm also a nerd for personal finance learning (ask me about my budget spreadsheet, I dare you). In my spare time I love creating systems in Notion and figuring out new tricks Webflow.

Motion Graphics
Graphic Design
UI Design
Online Analytics
Email Marketing
Art Direction
Photo Editing/Compositing
Digital Advertising
Bike Riding
Video Games
Personal Finance


Current Projects


Curating the best resources, tools, and inspiration for storytellers so they can make better stories.

StoryFlint is an online brand that curates fiction writing content such as tools, videos, and inspirational quotes for aspiring writers to stay motivated with their work.

Clean Cadence

Minimalist apparel for the most skilled percussionists.

Clean Cadence is an online apparel brand geared toward the marching percussionist niche. I create and maintain all the designs, branding, and marketing materials for the store, Instagram account, and Facebook page.

O Burning Star

Coming soon

O Burning Star is my fiction writing passion project. Follow along on its Instagram account for the creation process of building the story.

Past Projects

Scotty's Brewhouse Website

Scotty's Brewhouse Website

Thr3e Wise Men Website

Thr3e Wise Men Website

Scotty's Brewhouse Video Work

Scotty's Brewhouse Video Work

Ncounter Website

Ncounter Website

Klipsch Audio Design Work

Klipsch Design Work

Due North Holdings website

Due North Holdings Website

Old Artwork

Old Personal Artwork



Webflow Icon - Web Design, UI Design, UX Design
Website Designer and CMS
Notion Icon
Organization and Databases
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Photo Editing and Art
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Illustration and Vector Graphics
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Layout and Presentation
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Video Editing
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Motion Graphics


Productivity and Creativity

Youtube Channels

Minimalism and Productivity
Storytelling and Writing
Storytelling and Writing
Storytelling and Writing
Minimalism and Productivity


Webflow Templates

Okta Job Portal Template for Webflow

Okta - Job Portal Template

Okta is the perfect microsite for companies looking to build their hiring web presence. Featuring pre-made pages, modules, and using Webflow's CMS, this template can help recruiters and employers find the right hire in style.

Affiliate - Affiliate Marketing Site Template

Affiliate is a Webflow template made for entrepreneurs who want a professional and polished site ready to start and grow their affiliate marketing business in any niche.

Notion Templates

Instagram Strategy Dashboard

Apparel Brand Marketing Dashboard

Personal Knowledge Base

Expense Tracker


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