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Print on demand store OS

Build a Brand.
Sell an Experience.

A Notion operating system and resource hub for building and maintaining an online print shop or apparel store. Create a source of side income for yourself using the print on demand model.

An Operating System for building your store

Step into the world of Print on Demand

Low risk. No starting overhead. Build a business from your couch. Print on Demand is a growing side income source for many online entrepreneurs. Are you ready to start your own online business from scratch?

I've built an operating system for managing assets and workflows to help give you clarity and save hundreds of hours on your business. All together in one Notion kit.

A Notion kit for those who create

Graphic designers and artists looking to make some passive income
Content creators looking to build out a store for their brand
Solo-preneurs looking to build multiple brands and simple online businesses
Current POD store owners looking to improve their systems and organization

What this Notion kit will provide you

Learn tips, tricks, and lessons for selling prints online
Create a definitive brand concept for your niche
Organize your product catalog and designs
Build a well-informed strategy for your Instagram content
Learn to build a strong Facebook Ads funnel
Keep track of finances, sales, and discounts

Inside the kit

Major Components

Instagram Calendar and Hashtag Databases

Product Catalog and Design Databases

Expense and Profit Tracker

Reflection Journal and Knowledge Base

Curated Resources and Tools

Goals, Key Results, Project and Task Workflows

Brand Concept Worksheet and Asset Guide

Advanced Facebook Ads Funnel Guide

Organize your product catalog and designs

Keep track of all the products and designs for you store with three robust databases.
Easily export your product catalog to be used for uploading into your Facebook Product Catalog.
Calculate profit margins, sale prices, and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for your products.

Build a well-informed strategy for your Instagram content

Organize your instagram calendar and find out what designs, products, product types, and images lead to the best engagement for your audience in an interconnected system of databases.
Focus on what hashtags, days of the week, and content are most effective for you.

Learn tips, tricks, and lessons for selling prints online

Curated resources and tools to start and grow your business.
Guides on how to run giveaway contests, reach out to influencers, and Facebook Ad funnels.

Build your store today!

All-in-one Notion dashboard
Access to future updates
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